Welcome To theguineapigranch.co.uk

Guinea pig rescue and boarding centre
Two of our permanent residents.
Services we offer
  • Permanent and temporary accommodation for Guinea pigs in a safe, secure and caring environment.
  • A free collection service for unwanted Guinea pigs regardless of age, sex or medical condition.
  • A boarding service for Guinea pigs & rabbits, with very reasonable daily and weekly rates.
Viewing and inspection of our accommodation is actively encouraged. We work closely with our vets and any animal showing signs of illness are promptly seen.
We do not breed any animals nor do we re-home animals for breeding purposes.
Please check out our latest news page.
*** New Product Range***
Fleece cuddle cups and sleeping bags to order on my other website, www.calltheseamstress.co.uk pop over have a look and order through the shop. I design and make the products myself and after many years of guinea pig ownership, coupled with many years of sewing, I know what guineas like. I have onsite product testers who give their paw of approval before I launch any item.
"Once again I'm full with boys. I cannot take any in. All my hutches are full, even with the offer of a hutch I don't have space to take them in. Sorry, you will have to go on a waiting list, or find another rescue. It saddens me to turn away guineas."
I have room to take in girls as they live in a herd in my herd house.
I have had lots of enquiries lately from people looking for baby guinea pigs, and as a result, I feel I need to make it clear that the Guinea Pig Ranch is a rescue that exists primarily on donations which go towards the cost of caring for these animals. We believe that this is a far better alternative than buying a "designer piggy" from a pet shop or breeder. We operate primarily to find homes for unwanted adult piggies. We have some lovely older boys here, from 9 months to 3 years old, all in very good health, and with lots of love to give. Unfortunately, they keep getting overlooked because they are older. We do not breed any animals here, nor do we promote or recommend breeders or pet shops. We do occasionally get pregnant females in, who give birth at the Ranch, but this is not often,  and on the rare occasions that we do have babies at the Ranch, I specifically mention this on the site. When you re-home a guinea pig from the ranch, you are giving a home to a genuine rescue piggy, which is a fantastic thing to do.
 The Guinea Pig Ranch is fully insured with Tradewise Insurance Services Ltd.