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  1. Gosh, no updates this year? How have things gone? Very well for the Ranch. We were invited by Ferndown council to hold a stall at the Ferndown Jubilee. We turned up with a herd of girls, a gazbo and a collecting jar. We didn't know what to expect. Things could n't have gone better. We had a que all day of waiting children wanting to pet a piggy. The pennies were dropping in the collecting tin all day, Badger found a home and I ran out of business cards. The following day we held a stall at the Southbourne Jubilee, same  good things to report. It is so good to get the rescue awearness out there.

    We also had a piggy petting stall at Home Sence in Poole, for the 3 days of the Easter bank holiday. Again things went really well. This was on the back of having a herd of piggies at Poole park. We have also had 3 piggy parties at Marshalls pet shop in Parkstone. So were always out and about raising awearness.

    Due to these events things have gone so well I currently have no girls up for adotion. The handful I do have are fit to burst. I had a few come in possibly pregnant. Two sows have given birth ion the last few days, so babies looking for homes soon. And dare I say I only have 7 pairs of boys looking for homes. I do have empty cages! A never heard of around here.

    Holiday boarding is going from strength to strength. Word of mouth is a good medium for advertising for us. One of my regular boarders Buddy, did pass over. He came to stay for Christmas, and again at Valentines. We did not think we would see him by Easter. Alas we were right, he died at home with his cage mate Buddy. Take care Buster, you will be sorley missed. XX Buddy did come in at Easter and found a cage mate Mileu. They do travel quite a way to be with us. The other side of Hampshire I think, but such a pleasure to have them come and stay. Rockus and Bertie, another regular pair have gone to live with another family. Donna there mum had a life change, and felt it was time that the boys went to live with another family. We are looking forward to them coming back and introducing us to their new family.

    All my personal piggies are well, Bertie lives in hope that any new lady that arrives here will be his girl freind. But alas, unless a spade one comes in he will have to live in hope. We have been running the rescue now for almost 4 years. Bertie was one of the first rescues, along with Pineapple and Gizmo. All still going strong.

    As many of you know I run things from home. We have lots of animals, Guinea pigs, Rabbits, 2 dogs, a rat, a hamster, 3 ducks, 4 chickens, chicks almost full grown ready to go and live at our feild and chicks on heat. Due to the nature of the animals and the bad weather we have this year the garden does not look at it's best. We do look like a farm at times, and wellingtons are a must somtimes.

  2. Well what another year? Piggies have come and piggies have gone. But every one leaves a paw print on my heart.

    Update from August. I had 10 piggies come into the hospital shed. Spinter, has to be mentioned first. He came in with such bad wounds. Sprinter

    He had open wounds caused by scratching as he had mites. Sprinter screamed very loudly everytime you picked him up.

     sprinter 2

    We had to kill the mites, then attend to the wounds. It took 4 weeks for the wounds to start scabbing over. Apart from a 1 inch scar where the fur will not grow, he's the most handsome piggy I've ever seen. He's now got to trusting me to pick him up for a cuddle, but he's not keen on others holding him. He's also not keen on other piggies, so he lives on his own. He does get extra cuddles, but don't tell the others as I don't have favourites.

    Dog bite was 1 of the 4 found abandond in a feild.

    Dog bite

    As you can see he was in a pretty bad state. Meds cream and time Brought Dog bite back to full health. He's now an uncle, and they are looking for a new home together.

    Tinkerbell and Flossy. Also came in with mites. Tinkerbells mites were not far away from being as bad Sprinters. You can see her compleatly bold back end. Again, meds, cream and r and r brought her back to fine health. Flossey was not so bad. She only had hair loss, which grew back quite quick, They have both now found new homes.

    Tinkerbell and Flossy

    We also had Captain, who was 1 of the 4 running loose in a feild. He was doing really well, even though he had pulled out his stiches. At the end of August he took a tuen for the worst. I was due to go into hospital to have my 4th baby. Captain stayed at my vets for the week. He did close his eyes and crossed over while there. I do have piggies like these come into the Ranch quite regularly. Spinter and others can't go out for re homing, however if you would like to pop over and meet them. Maybe bring them a treat of a carrot, please drop me a line.

    All piggies come in with a story to tell. 24 came in from a house hold where the lady had deid. All the piggies were well loved and in very good condition. Lots of families have moved into smaller accomdation and un able to take animlas with them. One turned up on my door step, a mans dog had found him while they were out walking.  No one has come forward to claim him. Others have come in as "Kids got board". Yes piggies are a great animal for children to grow up with. They are gentle, good to handle and great company. But at the end of the day it's the adults in the house who must be prepared to take on the total care of the animals.

    Thank you to every one who has re homed a piggy this year.  Thank you also for the food donations and cages ect. Please take this as my personal thanks.

    Thank you also to my girls. Nicola, Trudi, Lindy and Becky. They come over every week for clean out duties. With out them the Ranch would not run as well as it does. Fi is also a tower of strenght. Living in Wincheaster she cannot pop in to clean out, but does a grand job of collecting piggies from her end of the district. She fosters them until they come to Bournemouth. They are very pamered living in c and c cages.

    The piggies and I wish you all a very merry Christmas and a very happy new year. Take Care Sarah.