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  1. When it rains it pours. I've had 10 piggies into my hospital shed in the last few weeks. 4 were piggies found wandering around a field. I went to Alton to collect them. 2 had piggy fight wounds, round their mouths. They needed attention and cleaning up. 1 piggy had been attacked by a dog or badger, as you could see a clear bite pattern on his back. This was infected, however after 2 weeks the infection had cleared. The last of the piggies had a large gash to his tummy. The person that found them handed them into a vets. The vets had put stitches in however, he had a post op infection and had half pulled out the stitches. I will be up loading photos of before and after. 2 of the piggies have names, Simber and Captain. The other 2 need names, so watch this space. If and when these piggies go up for adoption, they will need a gold plated home. They have just started to trust humans and I must ensure that they never go back to being neglected or abandoned again. They are really sweet boys with bags of love to give.

    Sprinter, also came in. He was found running up a street in Sailsbury. A family took him in and did their best with him. How ever he went to them with mites. They treated him the best they could, but as he seemed to get over them he would catch them again. I've had him 2 weeks today. I've killed the bugs but just need to heal the open wounds that he has inflicted upon himself from the scratching. He is the most handsome piggy I've seen, such full of love. I could not even pick him up when he came to me. He was so sore, and screamed the place down if  I touched him. Now, I can pick him up. He does come out of his pigloo to say hello, and today was the first time I've had him out on the grass in the run. This little boy will be staying with me forever.

    Tinkerbell and Flossie have also come in with mites. Tinkerbell was the worst of the 2, bold on her bottom end. Again after 2 weeks the bugs have gone and she's getting a fuzzy bum. 2 more weeks and you wouldn't know anything was wrong. Flossy her came mate, was not as bad. he had bold spots, but healing nicely.

    I've had 2 piggies come in for a holiday from Weymouth. Again with the mites, and 1 with an open wound. Now looking good and can go home in a weeks time.

    I had a very heavy pregnant 1 year old piggy come in with cataracts. She gave birth to a lovely baby girl called Elle. She has gone to one of my volunteers to live in her herd. The mummy piggy, went out to live with Lauren. Lauren had been building a herd up from me. Very pampered piggies!!!! However after a few days in her new home mummy pig went down hill. I went to see her and we decided that mummy pig would come back to me for some r and r. After a trip to the vets we found that she had, had a broken leg! This was done just before or very early pregnancy. We hadn't noticed due to her pregnancy waddle. It had started to heal, but not in the right direction. So we have her in a cage on her own. She's on Metacam, and has to go back to the vets in 4 weeks.

    This week I've had Chocolate and Bramble come in for a Holiday. There owner was worried that they had some wounds and thought they were fighting. Again, it's wounds from mites. They will be treated and when the family come back  from camping they will have 2 itch free piggies.

    Buster came in looking for a cage mate. He'd been found running around a communal hall way in a block of flats. He needed attention to a  that he'd had on his neck. He also had mites, very early stages, so easy to treat. Being a long haired he also needed a wash and a trim.

    I love having the hospital piggies in. It's so rewarding bringing them back to health and getting them to trust humans again. Mites is a very easy and common thing for piggies to catch. It's like headlice in children. You treat when you see the signs. You can't see mites, however the scratching and dandruff gives these little critters away. A £3.00 tube of Guinea pig spot on from  Asda, Sainsburys ect can catch them and kill them early. Other wise you'll end up having so wash and shampoo in expensive stuff and possibly have meds for open wounds ect. If in doubt, treat.

  2. Day off !!!!!!!!!!!! Whats that?


    Poole park went really well. The 4 weeks of the Easter holiday my friend Chris, who owns the train has a mini farm. This is the 2nd year  I've taken a herd of my girls over.  Things were so successful I rehomed all my girls. This meant that many of my boys, who were still at the Ranch found homes too. Most of the boys that went out, went in pairs and a lot of girls went out in 3 or 4's to start new herds. Some piggies, went out as cage mates for lonely pigs.

    I've had quite a hospital ward going on too. Coco, who was booked to come in for her holiday  came a few days earlier than expected. She came in with open wounds and self inflicting. As it transpired she had had a bad reaction to mites. A trip to my vets, creams, potions and lotions later, not to mention the meds she was well on the way to recovery. She's gone home with cream to be rubbed in daily but in a week time she will look at her best again. Cheddar and Spike, who have lived together forever decided to start fighting. Try as I might I could get them through mediation. They have decided to live apart. Then came in Bracken. He had a post op infection. His owner was told to get him the snip so he would stop fighting with his brother. This made no difference and they had to be separated. Bracken also ended up with a post op infection. 2 unsuccessful draining trips to the vets, he came into the Ranch. After lancing the area every day for 1 week, 2 injections and lots of Baytril he's now well on the way to recovery. He was paired up with a piggy looking so similar they could have been long lost brothers. Chalky his old cage mate, now has a wife and is the start of a large herd I'm putting together for a lady. Chalky is snipped so no little ones on the horizon. Don't panick, I don't breed. I now have Sully in the hospital, he's had such a bed reaction to mites. His family had taken him to the vets several times, but the problem was not getting better they turned to me in sheer desperation. He's been bathed, had all the scabbing removed from his back end. Which has left him completely bold! he's had meds applied to kill any bacteria and mites which were hiding under the scabs. He's now been creamed and wearing a sock. The itching was so back he was self inflecting and drawing blood in 3 places. He's living on towels, being creamed twice a day along with Bayril twice a day. He does not love me at the moment, but by the end of the week we'll see a new piggy when he's feeling a lot better.

    I've had 19 piggies come into the Ranch from a friend of mine, as she has had to give some up due to her ill health. I had a trip to Bishop Waltham, Eastleigh and Southampton to collect 9 piggies. I also had a day trip collecting from Somerset, Taunton, and Street. Coming home with 24 more piggies looking for homes. 52 piggies have come in this last week looking for homes. Day off? Give me a chance, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love my piggies.