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  1. It's the first time that I have no gilrs in for rehoming!!!!
    Mcpig is now weaned and gone to live with Hazel  and her family. He's now called BB, Basil's baby.
    Bella who is also weaned has gone to live with Lacey and my good friend in Southampton. (Christina).
    Powder Puff as gone to be a cage mate to sweet pea. The whole family were so excited that she has gone to live with them.
    Karma and Rosie  have gone to live with a vet and her family in Ferndown. Rosie is an older girl,  Aged 5,  but it's so nice that she has gone to live her retirement years in such luxury. She was a little bald on her bottom from a mite problem, but the family saw through this and love her for who she is.
    Thelma and Louise have gone to live in a cosy flat in Westbourne. The lady had just lost 1 of a pair. I took 2 girls to meet her sow, but she fell in love with both so took the 2.
  2. Busy times again here at the Ranch. Just when I  think I've heard it all I hear something new. Someone was told not to put a younger boar in with an older boar as it would kill the younger. NOT TRUE. This is the best way to pair.
    Trixi came  to visit and left with her new cage mate Duchess.
    A baby boy has gone to be a cage mate.
    Mcpig is waiting to go to his  new home and live with Basil. He's has to be weaned from his mum first.
    Bella is reserved to go and live as a herd in Southampton, along with Lacey. Again when she has been weaned.
    Polly. Molly and Margret have gone to live in a lovely new home. They have a lovley big run  in the garden and they will live in a heated Summer house in the winter.
    Domino and Fidget have been reserved, their mum is  having a Guinea pig mansion built.They will be leaving in a few weeks.
    Bourneville who  was my single piggy has come bach to the Ranch, to find a cage mate. He now has his baby, Sprocket. They have gone to live by the sea under the close eye of Benson the dog.
    It's also been sad times at the Ranch. I've lost Ratty, my Alpha male. He was 4 years old. He and his brother were rushed into my vets. They were in intensive care, and were tube fed. After a 3 day fight , Ratty laid down and went to sleep. However Sprocket his brother pulled through. He now has a new cage mate Teddy. Ratty has been laid to rest in the garden.
    Smudge my Bunny who has just been neutered, laid down and went to sleep 3 weeks after his opp. Possibly due to a tummy bug.
    Merlin, the Guniea pig had visited the vets with  a funny tummy, he lost his fight and went to sleep.
    Rosie and Fluffy visited the vets showing signs of a funny tummy. They have  both recovered.
    Teddy, the Guinea pig was taken to the vets being unable to move. After 2 injections and 24hrs rest and recuperation he is now up and running around.
    Any animal showing signs of illness are rushed to my Vets. They do a wonderful job and the staff are excellent. Some of my piggies who have long turn health problems will stay with me for the rest of their life. I have some who have no eyes, one who has had a stroke, and Henry who has a tumour. This was diagnosed just after christmas. However he is living a full and active life. He eats, drinks and plays with his cage mate.  He is too old to go through an opp. So while he continues to be happy and active, I will give him a chance of a good life. When the day comes he will go to the vets to close his eyes and sleep.