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  1. I was hoping to update my blog every week. However the Easter Holidays have been my busiest yet.  I had a herd of girls over at Poole park Farm. I've had lots of people wanting to adopt after seeing them there.
    • Fleur and Heidi and gone to a lovely home in Poole not far from the park.
    • Ruby came to visit the herd of girls. Ruby really liked Samba and Saffie went to join  them. They now live together in Southampton.
    • Duracel has gone to live with a bunny rabbit friend in Poole.
    • Kanga and Roo have gone to live  with a lovely  family in Poole.
    • Ivy and Emma have gone to live in luxury in their new C&C cages in Southampton.
    • The Bronte sisters have gone to live in a fabulous two tier cage. They have a lovely garden to run in, under the close eye of Percy the dog.
    • Teddington and Tiger have gone to live just round the corner from the Ranch.
    • 2 babies whom were not named have gone to a family,  who's little girl goes to the same school as my son.
    • 2 more  babies went to the sister of the lady above.
    • Bella and Mocha have gone to live with a neutered boy at a nursery school.
    • Dennis and Buster came to visit, they have now taken Dexter and a baby back to live with them.
    • Cleo has had a big car journey, she now lives in Bovington.
    • Lotus Blossom and Sookie have gone to live in a large house in the country.
    • Snowy and Tinkerbell have gone to live in  Poole, they have a rabbit has a neighbour.
    • Bumble came to visit looking for a cage mate. He loved 2, but sellted on Dumbo. They are now very happy together.
    • Archie came to visit the Ranch, his mum and dad had been to other places trying to  find their lonley piggy a cage mate, with no success. He liked 3 other piggies here at the Ranch. However they chose Cheatnut  to be his buddy. They are now very happy together.
    • Killy and  Kelvin  came to visit me. There mum wanted me  to  bond them. They would not go together, but all is not lost they have both found new cage mates. Killy likes duke and Kelvin has found 2 babies he can mother.
  2. Never a quiet week around here. I have a herd of girls over at Poole park railway, in the little farm. You can visit them and see them running round.
    Splodge and Blaze have gone to a lovely couple in Bournemouth, they have fresh fruit for breakfast and the run of the kitchen for play time. Loads of cuddles and toys in their cage.
    Colombo and Tortoise have gone to live in Winton. Thay have discovered old beanie hats. They love to  sleep in them, athough they started  with one hat between them they have now insisted on one each.
    Ruby came from Southampton to visit the girls in Poole. She really bonded with Samba, who insisted on giving Ruby a thorough wash. Ruby didn't mind as she sat and closed her eyes the whole time. Saffie has also gone to join these 2 .
    Roberto did go for a home visit, The daughter in the family is alergic to dogs and cats. So we tried her with a Guinea pig. Unfortunately she had a reaction to Roberto so he had to come home.
    I've had 2 lots of 7 piggies come in to the Ranch. One group was a mum with her six babies! Really pretty babies who won't have problems finding homes. The other group are golden oldies, 4 of them will stay with me  forever due to health problems. 3 are suitable for re homing again, lovely piggies. Fidget and Fudge have also come in, they have really sweet characters.  I've also had 3 more rabbits come in along with cages.
    People have  been so generous with cages, food ect. I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated anything to me.