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  1. Busy times again at the Ranch. Haven't has chance to update the blog.
    2 more of the Bunnies have found a new home. They have their hutch next to a chickhen pen, so they have neighbours.
    Fizz and Lilac have gone to a lovley new home in New Milton, Thier new family are experienced with piggies, as they already have a 5 year old boar. Their cage is housed in a summer house in the garden, so they will be nice dry and warm all year round.
    2 of my younger females, who had not yet been advertised on  the site, have gone to a new home in Christchruch.
    A Guinea pig called "Big boy" came to visit. He had lost his female cage mate. He got on really well with an Agouti sow, who had just passed her quarrentine and was due to be advetised on the site. They are now living together very happy.
    Harry came to visit the Ranch, his owner was told you can only have 1 boar on his own. He's now 3 and been on his own all this time. Harry now has a cage mate and they get on really well. After Harry explained to his new cage mate that he can go to the food bowl after Harry has had the best bits!
    I've been to Devon and collected 16 piggies looking for new homes. I've also been to Bishop Waltham and colleted 3 piggies and  a rather large rabbit. The rabbit is now living very happily with my neuted male bunny. I had 3 pigs brought to me, the little boy has already gone to his new home.
    One of the Bishop Waltham girls gave me a surprise when I was cleaning her cage this week. TWINS!!!
    I've also been to  the vets almost every day for the last 2 weeks. I've had a case of mites, and lice. A rabbit needed some stiches after a scuffle with another female. One piggie had to put to sleep as he had come in with a spinal injury. Another rabbit came in with her bottom in a bad way, she had to be clipped. One male bunny went into be neutered. Another female bunny arrived, and after her neuter she was recovering. Every one is now fit and well.
  2. I could'nt update my blog last week, as I had a really nasty computer virus.
    However the last 2 weeks have been really busy.
    1 Fluffly nose bunny has gone to live in Poole, she is now called snowball.
    1 Round nose and 1 Fluffy bunny have gone to live with a family, who's little girl attends the same school as my children.
    Madeline and Marmalade have gone to live with Squeak. Squeak is a six year old sow who had lost her cage mate. She came to visit the Ranch and made friends really easy. All 3 will be running out in the shade of an apple tree in the summer.
    Sooty came all the way from Verwood, after an hour he found his new cage mate.  By coincidence his new cage mate was called Sweep. They have settled in really well together.
    Scooter and Scuttle have gone to their new family. His new mum has brought a plastic green house to put their cage in during winter. This will keep them super warm and dry.
    Bubble and Squeek, my 2 female babies who had not even been advertised on the site, have gone to their new home today.
    Jake the 2nd and Jester have gone to live with a lovely family.