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  1. It,s happened again, I have no females looking for homes. WHY? every one wants cute baby girls. So they have all found homes. But I love this situation as now the boys can have a chance to find good homes.

    Boys do not fight if they are a bonded pair. They do not smell more than girls. They can be re paired if you loose one of a pair. Boys are more cuddler than girls. As they will only live as a pair or single they like human company. So boys it is, if your looking for a guinea, it will have to be boys. I do have some really nice full of personality boys, come and meet them and see who you fall in love with.

  2. Busy busy at the Ranch. 9 babies born to pregnant females who arrived with a few extras on board. They are all having a bit of tlc at Clairs my foster home. Clair is doing a striling job, weighing them every am, noon and bedtime. Hope is the worry, being the runt of a litter of 6. Clair is praying that this little mite pulls through. The dedication Clair had given Hope is second to none. There is currently one more mum waiting to pop and I,m sure Clair will show her just as much love and care as she has the other mums. I have one very large girl here due any day.

    I must give a mention to Lorna....... who has done mile apon mile to collect up unwanted guinea pigs. Today alone she has made 3 trips to Bournemouth to drop off her new charges. Not to mention the foster boys she has for me. Along with the bags and bag fulls of veg that she very kindly donates.

    A shout out to Viv, who helps with the meet and greets at pre schools and fates. Hour upon hour we dangle the doantion jar hopeing for a few coppers.

    Thank you to Trudi, who regually goes to the nursing homes to take snow drop the one eared bunny, and a handful of guineas to say hi. Not to mention her weekley drop off of newspapers and her rounds of cleaning out at the Ranch.

    Busy times, as a good handful  of residents have gone out to live in their new homes. Which has given me space to take in all those on the waiting list. So many fresh new faces here looking for new homes. I have not lost many piggies over the winter period. However I lost 3 in one week. One of the 11 Manky boys. He had only just starting eating veg, I dont think he,d ever eaten veg before arrinving here. He took a downward turn and passed in his sleep. Badger, a female was having treatment for an eye ingery. But it all becoame too much for her and she passed, again in her sleep. Along with a youngster, she had never been right from the time she arrived. All the tlc and care in the world, but we feel that interbreeding had had its toll and she crossed over. Unfornalty we have sad times like these at the Ranch, but having such high numbers we do lose a few . It never gets any easier.

    We were contacted by the PDSA, a guinea had been handed in from a lady who found her roaming in her garden. Notices were put up but no owner came forward. As she was a long haired female she has gone to live with Lauren and her long haired bunch.

    Steph, who was lucky enough to have a very kind boyfreind buy her 3 guineas as a gift. (she had just lost the last of her oridginal piggies) has taken on 2 of my gruop of 11 Manky girls. It took 2 months to get them back to health and through pregnacy watch. They have now gone to live in a large shed free ranging with her other 3 piggies. Happy piggies!