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  1. More in than out!

    I,m getting more coming in than going out. It,s not just 1 or 2, its bunches of 11,s and 15,s. And most of them have health problems. Mites to the extent that I lost one within 48 hours of arriving. Another (Matlilda) had burrowing fur mites. She came in dripping and bleeding with blood. No anaimal should be left to get to this stage. This was a case of a guinea brought for a child to go in their bedroom. Out of sight out of mind. They were not having their basics needs met, and the hamster cage she was living in was no way acceptable.

    I have a hospital ward with 25 guineas in currently, all with mites /  fungal and burrowing mites. One little chap has anti b,s for a bite wound and another come in woth the start of bumble foot. Not to meantion the bunch of 3 females who are underweight, mite infested and showing pregnacy signs. These will either be keepers or they will need a gold plated home to rip these from my grips to be rehomed.

    I also have a wonderful bunch of all shapes and size guineas looking for homes. Why not come and see if one steals your heart.

  2. Wow, what another whirlwind of a new year. Lots and lots and lots of guineas have gone to live with their forever new homes. I did have one empty shed over the summer holidays. However I'm overfull again, as always at this time of year.

    I've met so many wonderful people and families who have opened there homes and hearts to a furry freind.We've has some sad times with some dear piggies passing over rainbow bridge. But we've had some mums come in pregnate and givin us some wonderful babies to love and find homes for.

    We taken many animals out to meet and greets this year. It's all about education. We've met some wonderful children at these events.

    I must say a hugh thankyou for all our donations this year. Hutches, cages, cuddle cups, bottles, food and hay ect. These donations help us carry on our work. I must say thank you to Trudi, who comes over every week with out fail and brings arm fulls of newspapers. And armed with her trowel cleans out, and has shifted half hundread weight of poop this year. Along with Viv, who not only has rehomed her own small growing herd of girls, she a font of help at our meet and greets. towels at the ready.......Viv and her husband have volentered to house sit for a week for us next year, while we have a much deserved break. And too many to mention families who have adopted from us this year. Please take this as our personal thanks.

    Heres wishing you all the very best for the coming New year. Sarah xxx