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  1. I've had a few occasions this year, well NO quite a few people lie to me to why guinea pigs have to come to the rescue. Normally back yard breeders that have bread to sell babies, then get stuck with the boars that no one wants. So they get dumped on the rescue to take care of. A quick google will find your multiple adds for lots of babies. So No you wern't sold 1 boy and 1 girl from a pet shop and produced 11 babies. - don't lie to me!!!!!!

    I,m a self funding rescue so I have to pay to feed and bed your overstock, so you have room to re breed and hope for females. I have started to say no to the back yard breeders, and although it breaks my heart to say no to a guinea, any guinea looking for a home is a rescue in my book. But I will not help the back yard breeders make room to re add to the problem. I will say no!

    Sorry it that sounds harsh, but it,s me that has to pay for them, I have to clean them out and I have to take all the waste to the dump, in the cold and wet. I currently have 120 guineas in my care currently. I have to have room and care for genuine rescues.