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  1. We have a lady who has built a herd of long haired females. I had a distessed call on eveing that one of her beloved girls had an eye injury. We rushed over to collect the guinea and took her to our vets. An eye removal op was booked. The guinea did well and came through the op. She made good progress and was eating by herself after 3 days. But alas, she took a turn for the worst and passed over night. rip Whichiter. Hugs to mummy Lauren.

    We then had Barney arrive a week later with exactly the same injury. The hard decision was made by his owner to have him put to sleep.

    I then had phone call from an owner who could not afford to take his piggy to the vets. The piggy appeared to have a very poorly foot. The piggy  did not make it into the house, she was rushed straight to the vets. The foot had had an injury, whcih had not been treated. It therefore had gangrene. The leg was showing symptoms of gangrene too. This piggy was underweight, was amost bald from mites, had a large matt of fur at the back, with the only fur that was on her body. She had gunk in her ears, the vet also discovered a large internal lump. So with the major factor of the dead foot and leg the decision was made to have her pts. if ony she had come to us when the injury had happened, it would have been a different outcome. Popcorn free little piggy. I only had you in my care for 20 minutes, but a shed a few tears over you. Please seek veterinary attention for a sick animal. It's not hard to see if your animal is sick, and you have a duty of care to get it sorted. I just thank God she came to us, so we could have her put out of her pain. Rather than have her  die a lonely painful death in her cage.

    It's that time of year, when pggies come in looking for homes. 5 aleady ths week. Any donations of food, bedding, hay, cages ect ae a gret help. We will have around 150 guineas in looking for homes by Christmas.

  2. Now the weather has turned it's time to start to think about bringing guineas inside, or puting them inside a shed ect. And only on the really nice bright days putting them out in runs. If the ground has any frost or wetness on please don't put them out. As they are so low to the ground they can pick up cheast infections so quickly. Extra, veg and dreid grass, as well as hay and guinea food can help t this time of year too. As many can't get outside and get vit d from the sun shine (ultra violet) they can show other side effects. Extra veg will help. Clean water bottles (as always) are must too at this time of year. Don't forget to defrost the spouts o the bottle gets frozen. I do have second hand indoor cages for sale if you need one.