If you can,t make an appointment please contact me.

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Please use common manners.

I ask of you can,t make a booked appointment please have the manners to phone, text or email to say you can,t make it. I had to delay an emergnacy vets apointment this week, due to a ooked appointment. I rang the person and texted. I even left it an hour over their appointment time in case they were running late. But no show and no contact.

It,s not a 9 to 5 job running the rescue. I avarage 50 hours a week doing guinea pig related things. Its not all "ranch site based" I cover miles and miles everyweek driving to the farm shop, dump to dispose of waste, collecting and delivering guinea pigs. Not to mention the traffic jams I,ve sat in this week.  Missed apointments have a knock on effect. We all have busy lives, I,ve had 4 booked appointments now show and no contact this week. One of those included a sale of an indoor cage that was "urgently needed that day" I,d spent a good time texting photos, my address, sizes ect booked a time for collection. Then 30 mins after the apointment time I texted to ask if they were on their way? to get a "Can,t make it today now!"

Please a simple phone call, can save me hours. Thank you, rant over.