Lice, mites and Crusty Nipples!

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Oh what a glamorous life I lead. Lice, mites and crusty nipples all in one week! On the guineas of course. I,ve had a total of 21 guineas in this week already and it,s only Tuesday. 13 "free to a good home", luckily I spotted them and talked the owner into giving me all 13. They were advertised as 11, I was told there were 9, but I collected 13. So they did not know how many they had. 2 baby "girls" were boys still in with mum. they did not know the ages of the babies, but they had both babies and younger guineas in with the mums. And we were told that the children may have put all of the guineas together so they didnt know if they were pregs. They all had lice, the top bedded sawdust  that was sopping wet and was about 4 inches deep. 1 of the 6 water bottles were covered with thick green algae. No hay in site.

2 came in with mites, one of which an 8 week old baby, had scabs on her ears and back. We were told that they got the guinea like this. It look to me like it had been attacked by another guinea.

2 came in from Winchester, both has crusty nipples. This needs treating as it very sore and can be passed onto other guineas.

4, have come in that are in good condition and ready to rehome.

Many people think I "get guineas for free and re home them at a profit" This is not the case. Clearly 17 this week alone need medical attention. Which dose cost money. I bulk buy my meds so I,m lucky in that respect. However its the time treating them and clearing the problems. The pregnacy watch is 8 weeks, so I have to keep, feed and clean this piggies for this amont of time, before I can even think about rehoming them. If they do have babies, thats another 8 weeks added to the time. In total giving 4 months before any chance of re homing. A dontion fee of 10 per piggy is asked upon adoption, so you can see no profit is made. If only back yard breeders did their math before breeding they would not breed, and add to the problem of the amont in rescue.

What of you,d have brought one of these "free to a good home" guineas. Would you know how to look for a problem? Would you know how to treat? Re homing from a rescue you will know you will have a fit and healthy guinea pig.