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Burgess Excell Barcodes January 31, 2015
I'm now registered with Burgess Excell as a rescue. What does this mean? For every 5 barcodes Burgess will send me a bag of guinea pig food. With so... [MORE]

BOY, NO ROOM AT THE INN! July 25, 2014
I'm currently full with boys looking for homes. I cannot and do not have space to take any. Even if you offer me a cage / hutch I only have so much ... [MORE]

New Back yard breeders popping up September 07, 2013
New "back yard breeders" popping up. I've noticed a huge increase in back yard breeders locally. Please if you are thinking of re homing a piggy fr... [MORE]

New arrivals July 13, 2012
6 Healthy babies born to 2 mums overnight. 3 boys & 3 girls ... [MORE]

Christmas wish list. October 27, 2011
My piggies just like my children have been writing their Christmas lists. If you feel you would like to help and cross something off the list. I'm s... [MORE]

Captain pulling through. August 18, 2011
Captain, one of the piggies who was found walking around a field did take a turn for the worst. He came in with stitches in his tummy from a large g... [MORE]

Urgently wanted indoor cages. July 24, 2011
I've just taken in 4 Guineas found walking in a field. 2 had bites on their back, which look like dog bites. The other 2 have wounds, which have com... [MORE]

Guinea Pig herd at Poole park. March 31, 2011
As from the 2nd April, for 4 weeks a herd of my sows can be seen at Poole Park. Next to the mini railway. Chris who owns the train runs a mini farm ... [MORE]

Latest News December 22, 2010
I have just found out I'm expecting a new baby in August. The Ranch will continue to be run as before. Re homing and boarding will continu... [MORE]