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Guinea Pig herd at Poole park.

(March 31, 2011)
As from the 2nd April, for 4 weeks a herd of my sows can be seen at Poole Park. Next to the mini railway. Chris who owns the train runs a mini farm for the Easter holidays.
He will have Ewes with lambs, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, day old chicks and pink pigs. You can pop along ride the train and meet the animals. You maybe lucky and able to hold a chick. Meeting the animals is included in the price of a train ticket. However collection boxes for donations are placed around. If you see what you like drop a penny in the box. Last year the money went towards the purchase of the new steam train. Ask Chris what the money is going towards this year, as I'm not sure.
Someone is on site 24 hours a day to ensure the safety and care of the animals. The RSPCA inspectors call to check the welfare of the animals. Guinea pigs and Rabbit adoption has to go through the Ranch. Chris has no pet shop licence and cannot and will not sell animals from this site. Adoptions of the animals are dealt with strictly through the Ranch.

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