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Urgently wanted indoor cages.

(July 24, 2011)

I've just taken in 4 Guineas found walking in a field. 2 had bites on their back, which look like dog bites. The other 2 have wounds, which have come from the 4 fighting.

I also have 2 girls, handed in with really bad mite's.

1 boy, who has had a really bad reaction to mites, and has a very large wound on his back.

2 boys come in for a holiday, and are having mite treatment too.

I do have a selection of hospital cages. Along with a few donated indoor cages this week. However I do need some more as back up cages. Please drop me a line if you have a cage you could donate to me. I don't even mind the smaller 80cm cages. I don't recommend them as regular homes. However. I do use them as hospital cages. They are perfect for 1 Guinea in recovery for a week or two. Plastic base indoor cages can be really well disinfected and bugs killed before reinfection or pass on.

Many many thanks in advance. Sarah.

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