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Christmas wish list.

(October 27, 2011)

My piggies just like my children have been writing their Christmas lists. If you feel you would like to help and cross something off the list. I'm sure the piggies would be very grateful.

Any pigloos, wooden arches, play tunnels or tubes. They don't mind pre loved ones.

Any un used or un wanted dried food. Half left over bags get eaten just as well as new bags.

Any un used hay, sawdust, bedding ect. Half left over bags can be used up.

Old water bottles or bowls. These get broken and need replacing all the time.

Bottles of cage cleaner, dustpans, brushes and binbags.

Cages, both indoor and outdoor ones. Some are used to house residents. Particularly this time of year. More piggies come in at this time of year than go out to new homes. Some cages are sold and monies are put back into the Ranch for food and hay ect.

A big ask........a jet washer........they don't mind a second-hand one. If someone has one they don't use. It can be used to clean the decking and hutches in the spring. I use them all the time and worked 2 into the ground last year.

Grass seed, Boxes or packets for re seeding in the spring.

vegetable parcels. If your going away for a few days and have some bits in the fridge. Please just drop them off. If I'm out, please leave them on the door step.

Many WHEEKS in advance from the piggies.

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