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New Back yard breeders popping up

(September 07, 2013)

New "back yard breeders" popping up.

I've noticed a huge increase in back yard breeders locally. Please if you are thinking of re homing a piggy from them please do your research first. Learn how to sex a piggy before you buy one. Please check the sex yourself before you take them home. If you are not getting the right sex, please refuse to take them. Is there the possibility your new female could be pregnant? Mums can get pregnant as soon as they have given birth, so Your new piggy could give a few little surprises 2 months after you take her home. Baby boys can also get mums pregnant after just 3 weeks. Please be aware of this too. You can only have a single or pair of boys. It's very rare but you can have a trio. I 've had 3 sets in 5 years. But the normal rule of thumb is a pair. No more as you will end up with fighting, and you will end up with large vet bills to repair the damage.

Why re-home from a rescue instead of a breeder? They are the same price! Yes, but with a rescue piggy, they have a genuine reason why they are looking for a home. Family break up, people moving to flats, and Land lords don't permit pets. "accident" litters from mis sold, mis sexed from pet shops and breeders. You have the back up for the life of a rescue. Any help and advise. For example if we find a cagemate for your piggy had things go wrong when you get them home, we will have your piggy revisit and match up again. Again if your piggy develops mites,or lice or something similar within a reasonable time of being re-homed from us we will treat for free for you. I'm currently waiting for 2 piggies to arrive, that were brought from a breeder, who with in a week developed ring worm. The breeder is now ignoring the new owner, who has already paid £50 out on vets bills. We do not promote or recommend you breed from a rescue piggy. We do not know the history of the piggy. I had a piggy rushed into me this week. She was a rescue piggy, which had been bred from. They piggy herself had bold spots from the hormones produced during pregnancy, which is quite normal. But the mastitis was the very worrying thing. The large lumps and redness around the nipples and the heat of the lumps themselves should have alerted the owner to a problem. This piggy needed vets attention. This owner knew nothing about breeding but went a head and did so. The poor guinea pig has now ended up in a mess, and needs medical attention. I feel that this piggy may not make it through. There are so many guineas in rescues there is no need to breed anymore to add to the problem. I will not be re homing to this family again.

I have also had a few breeders come through my website, looking for "stock". I do and will always investigate anyone wanting to re home from us. There are a few that slip through the net, as the above lady. But, google is a great tool. And a simple search online can lead from screen names linking to breeders pages. I will not re home to any one who breeds, or I think will breed. I will take in guineas form an accident litter, but I will not take "overstock" or old blood lines.

I'm sorry if this sounds tuff or harsh. I have a duty to my genuine rescue piggies.

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