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(July 25, 2014)

I'm currently full with boys looking for homes. I cannot and do not have space to take any. Even if you offer me a cage / hutch I only have so much space in my sheds. Which are floor to ceiling high with hutches. It's not that I don't want the boys, I have no room to house them. They will only live in pairs or singles, I have 24 hutches for the boys which are all full with pairs and singles.

Please, no matter what the reason is your piggies need to come into the rescue I simply do not have space for boys. Please don't ask as the answer will be no, I will publish when I do have space.

Girls, yes I have room as they live in my herd house. Which has tumble weeds blowing through, as there are only 5 girls living in there currently. These are the long-term resident piggies, as they are "High care" ones. Irene the one-eyed piggy, Big brown the nibbling piggy (she chews the others fur) Oscar, the grumpy snipped boy. Pumkin the boss, whose long hair and needs constant brushing and Mertle the old lady.

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